Wild Wing Company "Live CaptureTraps"

The Gable Trap

The Gable Trap is based on the proven Huber Trap design, but looks more attractive. This trap is the typical single cavity nest box trap that has been proven to trap House Sparrows that go out of their way to kill Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Violet Green Swallows, other native cavity nesting birds and their young.

The trap can be mounted on the walls of building, fence posts or on a 3/4" EMT pole like our popular Meadowood* Bluebird and Meadowood* Bluebird Chateau nest boxes.

If you are challenged by House Sparrows you'll need a dependable trap like the Gable Trap!

Model: #G/T 
Price: $55.00*

European Starling Hotel Trap & Cage

Bird Guide

European Starlings are exotic pests that were introduced in the late 1800's and are known as the "Silent Killers." They have decimated many of out native cavity nesting birds and in some places in New York state (an other eastern states) people have not seen Red Headed Woodpeckers for years because of these aggressive cavity nesters.

From the beginning of man's early agricultural efforts, the European Starling has plagued mankind. They are big-time crop deprecators and carry a host of diseases. I have witnessed the damage that these pests do and it is frightening.

Click HERE for detailed information about starlings and the damage they do.

The European Starling Hotel trap is designed to trap European Starlings alive and unharmed when they attempt to roost during the winter or nest in the trap during the breeding season. Once trapped they are to be disposed of accordingly and on the remote chance that a native cavity nesting bird gets trapped, the native bird can be easily released unharmed.

Not for everyone, but for those that are serious about protecting our native cavity nesting birds and protecting your cash crops you need to have the European Starling Hotel trap working for you.

Model: #EUST/T-C 
Price: $268.00


The V-TRAP is a large industrial trap for trapping hundreds of European Starlings (or other pest birds) alive. Where the European Starling Hotel is most effective during the nesting season, the V-TRAP is most effective during the winter months, then after the nesting season is over (late August) and into harvest season.

The V-TRAP Includes: Redwood entry door with hasp and 1 master lock, plus 1 roosting box to keep decoy birds alive so you can trap more birds.

Model: #V-TRAP 
Price: $564.00*

Coming soon... Rodent Bait Module

Model: #RBM
Price: $48.00 each


"Live capture traps" require daily monitoring to prevent the deaths of native cavity nesting birds. If you can not properly manage "live capture traps" then you should not invest in one.

Wild Wing Company, is not liable for the improper use of "live capture traps" in our product line.

To learn more, please contact Wild Wing Company.


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Estimates honored for 30 days (except Steel Poles).

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