Wild Wing Company Nest Boxes and Perches

Barn Owls, Songbirds, Wood Ducks, and More!

*Note: all prices indicated are for untreated products.  The SUPERDECK Exterior Hand Rubbed Finishes and mounting poles (where pictured) are not included with the pictured product. To locate the cost and color section of SUPERDECK Exterior Hand Rubbed Finishes for the particular Wild Wing Company product that you are ordering, look to the bottom of this page.  

Mounting poles are listed at the bottom of this page too, but costs for them are not. Contact Wild Wing Company for current pricing on mounting poles.

Meadowood* Horizontal Barn Owl Nest Box 

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Century Redwood

Constructed out of seasoned beautiful long lasting 3/4 inch Con Heart Redwood, this nest box is our high end version of our Horizontal Barn Owl (for details see Horizontal Barn Owl below.) The Meadowood* Horizontal Barn Owl pictured was installed in France.

The Sun Shields (Model: #MWBNOW/SS) are optional and the steel pole was fabricated in France (not included).

For those that need a Barn Owl nest box that will last for decades, this is simply the finest Barn Owl nest box made.

Model: #MWBANO/H

Price: $370.00*

Horizontal Barn Owl Nest Box (3/4" 5-Ply CDX)

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Coastal Gray

This is our favorite and most versatile Barn Owl nesting box. The Horizontal Barn Owl sells for a great price, you can mount it just about anywhere (i.e. posts, buildings and trees.) The hinged roof makes banding Barn Owl owlets or replacing same that prematurely fledge back into the nest box easy. The hinged side clean out door (not visible in photo) makes annual cleaning a snap and like all of our Barn Owl nesting boxes, it has an elliptic entry, plus a vertical predator guard built inside to protect 
the Barn Owls and dissuade mammalian or Great Horned Owl predation.

The Horizontal Barn Owl Nest Box pictured can also be fitted with Sun Shields (Model: #BNOW/H/SS) for mounting on steel poles or posts for addtiaonl sun protection, in locations where excessive heat inside the nesting box is a concern. 

Model: #BANO/H
Price: $114.00*

Model: #BANO/H/S
Price: $135.00*

Freestanding Barn Owl Nest Box with Duel Sun Shields (1/2" 5-Ply CDX)

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Century Redwood

Because of the added sun protection, this is our biggest selling nest box for vineyard locations where excessive heat inside the nesting box is a concern.

Model: #BANA/F 
Price: $135.00*

Meadowood* American Kestrel Nest Box

Constructed out of seasoned beautiful long lasting Con Heart Redwood, the Meadowood* American Kestrel nest box has a gable roof, easy clean out door and looks fantastic! American Kestrels can't resist this nest box.

Model: #MWAMKE 
Price: $65.00*

Meadowood* Screech Owl Nest Box

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Century Redwood

Same design as the Meadowood* American Kestrel, but we remove the over hanging back half of the roof, so the nest box can be mounted flush to oak trees.

Model: #MWSCOW 
Price: $65.00*

Meadowood* Wood Duck Nest Box

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Coastal Gray

Like all Meadowood* nesting boxes the Meadowood* Wood Duck nest box is constructed out of seasoned beautiful long lasting Con Heart Redwood. With it's gable roof, rowdier climbing ladder (located inside and just below the entry hole to help the Wood Duck leave the nest box), easy clean out door and great looks, it's no wonder why people and Wood Ducks just love this nesting box.

Model: #MWWODU 
Price: $204.00*

Wood Duck Nest Box (3/4" 5 Ply CDX)

This Wood Duck nest box is identical to the Meadowood* Wood Duck without the additional cost of using Con Heart Redwood. A great nesting box and a great price.

Model: #WODU 
Price: $86.00*

Songbird and Other Nest Boxes

Meadowood* Bluebird 5" x 5" Nest Box

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Century Redwood

The Meadowood* Bluebird 5" x 5" is the best commercially built Bluebird nest box in the country. The Meadowood* Bluebird 5" x 5" has a larger floor size, the Speed Mount System has a 4 point steel mounting plate engineered for decades of hard use, and is constructed out of beautiful long lasting Con Heart Redwood. We just love this nest box and the Bluebirds love them too.

Our Bluebird boxes are approved by the North American Bluebird Society (NABS). Read their letter to Wild Wing Co. here.

Includes: 3/4" x 5' EMT Pole or 3/4" x 1' EMT Pole for U-BAR mounting.

Model: #MWBB-5x5 
Price: $55.00*

Note: Because of shipping costs you may want to order the Meadowood Bluebird or the Meadowood Bluebird Chateau nest boxes without the mounting pole. You can buy a 10 foot 3/4" EMT pipe at Home Depot (costs about $5.00), have them cut it in half, then file off the burrs on the mounting end, hammer flat the end that will go into the ground and you're set for 2 nest boxes. Should you decide to take our advice, we will be happy to discount $2.00 off each nest boxes that you purchase.

Preventing Bear Attacks on Nest Boxes

Nest boxes look very much like bird feeders, and because Black Bears have become used to eating seeds at bird feeders, they can be very destructive to Bluebird trails as they seek an easy meal.

To help you deal with marauding Black Bears on your Bluebird trails, follow this link to learn how to prevent Black Bear attacks on your songbird nest boxes.

Meadowood* Flicker Nest Box

Are you tired of getting up from bed early in the morning after hearing a knock on your house, and you go to the front door and nobody is there? If this is happening to you, then you know it's time to get a Flicker box.

Flickers need a home too and here it is. Now you can go back to bed and get some well deserved sleep.

Price: $97.00*

Meadowood* Tree Squirrel Nest Box

Same design as the Meadowood* Screech Owl, so the nest box can be mounted flush to oak trees, but the entry hole is on the side and there is no clean out door.

Model: #MWTRSQ 
Price: $65.00*

The Raptor Perch

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK

The Raptor Perch is nothing more that a manmade version of removed tree snags that raptors covet. As advantageous as nesting boxes are to breeding beneficial cavity nesters, introducing Raptor Perches encourages hunting birds to return and stay to thump vineyard pests.

Raptors show a preference towards perches that provide protection from attack from above and behind. Made from 2" x 4" and 2" x 2" fir lumber with dual cross pieces for over head protection, the design achieves this by placing two cross pieces at least 3 feet apart. Attaching an American Kestrel nesting box three feet above the lower cross piece will substitute for the upper cross piece, providing the birds with a sense of security as well as a nesting space for these predators. Cross pieces should be fairly substantial in size with 2" x 4" x 24" long recommended. Strength and stability are important.

In open vineyards without trees, or areas that have Great Horn Owls, you can place a Raptor Perch 50 yards in front of your Barn Owl nest boxes as this does many things to aid the Barn Owls. It helps them find the nest box faster, gives a secure landing for fledging owlets, acts as a hunting platform and more important thwarts surprise attacks from Great Horn Owls that prey of Barn Owls and other owls too.

Perches should be oriented so that the cross pieces point east and west. This provides optimum visibility for the perching birds with respect to early morning and late afternoon sun light.

The Raptor Perch is by far the most important tool for keeping raptors where you want them for controlling rodent and rattle snake infested areas. Insect eating songbirds will also use Raptor Perches to give them a height advantage when hunting insects.

Raptor Perch

Need raptors to stay in your vineyard, so they can thump your Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Rattlesnakes, help your local Barn Owl move into your nesting boxes quicker and protect your Barn Owls from attacks by Great Horned Owls? Then load up on these units and watch the magic take place.

Highly recommended by Wild Wing Company, the Raptor Perch is by far the single most important item that you can have in your vineyard. You'll know it's working when you see piles of Barn Owl pellets and bones underneath the perch!

Model: #R/P 
Price: $55.00*

Bird GuideTreated with SUPERDECK
Coastal Gray

American Kestrel Perch

Recommended for mounting the above Meadowood* American Kestrel, it has a similar design as the Raptor Perch without the top perch. The American Kestrel Perch aids the American Kestrels to move into the nest box faster, plus the American Kestrels and other raptors will use the lower perch for a hunting platform.

Model: #R/P-AMKE
Price: $55.00*

Meadowood Products

*All Meadowood products are made out of 3/4" Con Heart Redwood.

To assure a quality product, Wild Wing Company will only ship Meadowood custom built nest boxes after Con Heart Redwood is properly cured. The reason for this is that Con Heart Redwood needs time to cure in our drying shed to reduce splitting when cut into components. Please be patient as the end result will be nothing short of fantastic!

Recommended Options

SUPERDECK Exterior Hand Rubbed Finishes

SUPERDECK is largely composed of boiled linseed oil with antibacterial/VU protection agents mixed in and is completely harmless to birds. Wild Wing Company, highly recommends SUPERDECK for preserving your investment from the elements and wood damaging UV rays.

Colors for Barn Owl, Raptor Perch, Wood Duck, Songbird and Gable Trap boxes.
Century Redwood, Coastal Gray, Meadowood Gray, Transparent Walnut, and Transparent Black.

Colors for Starling Hotel:
Century Redwood, Meadowood Gray, and Coastal Gray stains, plus Totem and White exterior latex paints. 

Colors for V-TRAP:
Century Redwood, Meadowood Gray, Coastal Gray, Dark Brown, and Green 

Costs of SUPERDECK Exterior Hand Rubbed Finishes:
Small boxes and Raptor Perch. #SEF-1. Price: $10.00
Medium and Large boxes. #SEF-2. Price: $16.00
100-Year-Old aging process. #SEF-3. Price: $29.00
V-TRAP. #SEF-4. Price: $58.00
Starling Hotel. #SEF-5. Price: included in the cost

Mounting Poles and Posts

All mounting steel poles and wooden posts are pre-drilled ready for mounting your Barn Owl nest boxes, Bat Houses and Raptor Perches. Wild Wing Company recommends that you order the Steel Full Weight pole for organic vineyards/gardens, to prevent predation, and potential human vandalism or theft.

Steel: Full Weight. 1 7/8" O.D. x 15'. Price on request
Pressure Treated: 4" x 4" x 16'. Price on request 
Pressure Treated: 4" x 4" x 6' (European Starling Hotel & Cage). Price on request


Field Consulting, Surveys, Mounting Posts or Steel Poles must be paid for in full.  All orders over $50.00 must have a signed and dated Sales Order (with color preferences indicated), returned with a minimum 50% deposit check before your custom order can enter production. 

Due to worldwide steel shortages, and daily cost increases, prices for Steel Poles are only good for one day.

Estimates honored for 30 days (except Steel Poles).

5% Discount on orders of 10 nest boxes or more and 10% Discount on orders of 15 nest boxes or more.

All returns require prior authorization, and if approved, a 25% restocking fee will apply.

Wild Wing Company Consulting, Surveys, Installations, and Service Calls: $75.00 per hour, plus Round Trip Miles at 58 cents per mile (established July 1, 2008 by the Federal Government.)
Telephone and e-mail assistance is always FREE.


Ordering any Wild Wing Company product or service is a highly customized transaction. To order or inquire about one of our products, phone or email:

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