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Born into a musical environment – my father was a music educator for over 27 years and my mother a singer and dancer – I sang in school, church choirs, played trumpet, baritone horn, trombone, string bass, concerts and marching bands, symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles, and I led my high school marching band as a drum major for 2 years. I furthered my musical education at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Holy Names Dominican College in Oakland, CA and Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA. 

In the early 1970's, I became an employee of C.D.F. (California Division of Forestry) Ecology Corps, so I could make extra money to further my music career. I fought forest fires, participated in conservation projects throughout the state of California and this foundation prepared me for a lifetime of communing with nature.

Now out of CDF and with money in my pocket, I performed throughout the States as singer, guitarist, and harmonica player; opened concerts for Elvin Bishop, The Cars, Bob Dylan, Little Feet, Al Green, Sammy Haggar, Chris Isaak, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Greg Kinn Band, Huey Lewis and the News, John Mellencamp, The Meters, Lee Michaels, Van Morrison, Art Neville, The Neville Brothers, Jason Newstead (Metallica fame, currently with Ozzy Osbourne), Pat Travers Band, and have recorded on many albums as guest artist.

More recently I worked with David Gest Productions in New York, NY and stage managed shows for David, working with legendary artists like Patty Austin, Petula Clark, Debra Cox, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., Roberta Flack, James Ingram, Taj Mahal, Michael McDonald, Stephanie Mills, Stephanie Powers, Paul Shaffer, Phoebe Snow and Denice Williams.

However, despite my musical accomplishments, I started looking back at my beginnings in forestry. Very little comes close to the enjoyment of walking down a deer trail, or being involved with conservation on all levels.

A friend of mine at the California Department of Fish and Game, turned me onto cavity nesting birds back in 1995, and I've been actively involved in cavity nesting bird conservation ever since. In 2000, I established Wild Wing Company, after personally witnessing the success that beneficial cavity nesting birds have on impacting pests in our vineyard operations.

I'm a member of the North American Bluebird Society and 2005 West Coast Director. Contributor to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. and a member of Sonoma County Grape Grower Association.

I'm a regular guest and speaker on Henry's Garden, KRON TV in San Francisco, CA, on Bob Tanem in the Garden, KSFO 560 in San Francisco, CA and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Agricultural Department, at Santa Rosa Junior College, explaining the many benefits of providing safe nesting sites for beneficial native cavity nesters.

From rodents to ground and flying insect control, Wild Wing Company offers a wide variety of cavity-nesting boxes for Barn Owls, Screech Owls, American Kestrels, Bluebirds, Violet-green Swallows and Tree Swallows. Also available are exotic bird traps for controlling pest birds that destroy crops, transfer  diseases to livestock, and kill or drive way native cavity nesting birds from their nest sites.

Since 2003, Wild Wing Company has been a member of CWA (California Waterfowl Association), a conservation society dedicated to the preservation of waterfowl, wetlands and habitat development. Wild Wing Company offers fantastic nest boxes for the preservation of one of the most beautiful birds in this hemisphere: the Wood Duck .

If you have any questions regarding our products or need special assistance, please feel free to contact me at the addresses below. Again thank you and I look forward to your patronage.

Happy Bluebird Trails To You,

John Shuster

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